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Our Goal is to Empower our clients in achieving their Goals!


Company overview

Flexible workspaces / offices for one person or the entire team, from an hour, to a full day, to as many years as required aligning with your business needs.

Our name resembles our offerings, BSQUARE means business square or a place bustling with business. This world-class Business Centre in Ahmedabad, India is launched with the objective of providing fully serviced, furnished offices conforming to the best Standards designed to help enhance business efficiency and image of our partner companies in a cost-effective manner.

Availing our Business Centre cum plush Office Space in Ahmedabad is no longer a dream. Our Business Centre located in the prime location of Ahmedabad boasts of modernized interiors finished to the highest standards.

An affordable Office Space that is within your budgets, close to all amenities and finest working environment in BSQUARE Business Centre.



Access to Excellent Location. BSQUARE Business Centre is located in the prime location of Ahmedabad and is very well connected to all modes of transport.


Grow Your Business

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Enhance Productivity

Leave the burden of day-to-day office management to our team of professionals we’ll make it easy and focus on critical issues such as planning, growing your business, thereby increasing productivity and profitablity.


Support Services

Professional out-sourcing service which provides alternatives for financial, HR - Recruitment, IT, facilities, logistics,, accounting and legal professionals who prefer to devote less time and expense.


Reduce Cost

Avoid exorbitant maintenance costs, overheads or even space investment.


Keep your people happy

With an enjoyable way of working that attracts the best people and keeps them productive by joining a business community, sharing ideas and creating new opportunities.


Companies across several sectors, geographic locations, sizes, seek to more effectively manage business risk, maximize their financial resources, and increase their flexibility to accommodate growth and dynamic changes in the market.

With property constituting more than 40 percent of the total assets of many of the world’s leading corporations, they are increasingly looking at office space requirements as a strategic component of their business plan.

  • BSQUARE enables companies to maintain that needed flexibility by helping them minimize their second largest cost of doing business: the expenses associated with leasing, equipping and staffing their office space.
  • Office management enables companies to quickly grab new market opportunities because the office infrastructure is already in place, which is particularly beneficial when businesses are setting up offices in emerging markets.
  • BSQUARE includes a client-driven mix of offices, meeting rooms and common areas. An advanced communications system, internet connectivity and administrative support are also standard features.
  • Additionally, clients can utilize BSQUARE’ full menu of business services, including meeting rooms, business support services, and catering -- on a pay-per-use basis.
  • BSQUARE office space, meeting rooms, training rooms and conference rooms are located at premier address with convenient access to major airports or public transportation, hotels and refreshing areas.

Let’s Build Relationship that will help your business grow.

BSQUARE provides all the options to suit your business needs and budgets!

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